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Frequently Asked Questions・よくある質問


1. どのサイズを購入した方が良いですか?
おすすめサイズ:男性(L-XXL) 女性(XS-M)

2. ブレスレットを着けたまま入浴することはできますか?

3. ブレスレットのお手入れはどうすれば良いですか?

4. ブレスレットの金属部分が黒く、又は色が濃く変色してしまいした。どうしてですか?

5. クレジットカードを持っていません。代引きはできますか?

6. 注文後、商品はいつ頃届きますか?

7. ブレスレットの弾性ロープが破損しました。どうしたら良いですか?
ご安心ください、Bard’s Whisperでは3ヶ月以内であればブレスレットの無償修理を行っております。当社のFacebookアカウントまでご連絡ください。

8. 手首周りの測定が上手くいかず、届いたブレスレットのサイズが合いませんでした。どうしたら良いですか?

9. 商品が届きました。かっこ良すぎて困ります、どうしたら良いですか?
もし私達の商品にご満足頂けた場合は、是非写真に収めて、私達Bard’s WhisperのFacebookタイムラインにシェアしてみてくださいね。今までも沢山の詩人の方々からシェア頂いております。



1. Which size should we buy?
There are the illustrations of wrist measurement in every product pages. Please measure your wrist accurate before you buy the products.
Recommend size:male(L-XXL) female(XS-M)

2. Can I take a bath with the accessory?
No, you can't. You have to take off your accessory before you take a bath. Beside, you should keep your accessory dry.

3. What should I do for caring my accessory?
Please don't tug your accessory when you wear it. Beside, we recommend to take off your accessory before your vigorous exercise.
Also you can keep the metal shiny if you brush up the metal with polishing cloth at stated periods.

4. The accessory's metal part became black, or dark color. Why?
Metal will oxidize when it touch air, and metal will oxidize faster when it touch with skin. 
You can recover shiny with polishing cloth after the metal get discolored.

5. I don't have credit card. Can I use cash on delivery?
It is possible to use only in Taiwan.

6. When will the products arrive after I ordered?
If you live in outside of Taiwan, about 3-10 days.

7. My accessory's elastic rope was broken. What should I do?
Don't worry. We have the free repair service within ninety days from the date of you bought our products. Please contact with our Facebook account.

8. The accessory' size is wrong because my wrist measurement doesn't go well. What I should do?
Please contact with our Facebook account. We will exchange your accessory that you bought.

9. The accessory is arrived. It is so cool! What can I do?
If you are satisfied with our products , you can take some pictures, then share at our Facebook timeline. There were many regular users share with us even up to now.

Thank you for your reading.